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skychild17 in ellara

A Fremoth-y morning

Okay, I just wanted to say that this morning I realized what it is about this girl from my sociology class that makes her so cool - she's practically from Fremoth :). Her name is Promise (which is just cool.) She lives in the vegan/environmental co-op on campus, which cooks vegan dinners four nights a week for anyone who wants to stop by. It's so cool. We're writing a paper together for sociology about women revolutionaries in El Salvador. She goes to protests a lot for stuff like homelessness and the School of the Americas. She's got this beautiful glossy brown hair and carries a bottle of herbal salve her sister makes and gives everyone as Christmas presents.
So this morning she and I caught the bus to the Quaker meeting in the next town, and I was watching the way she sat on the bus seat. (I decided years ago that Fremoth girls wouldn't be taught to cross their legs at the knee, since they never wear short skirts.) And I realized she was sitting like a Fremoth girl would, calm and stable and serene and with her knees uncrossed. She's so great. I want to be like her when I'm a senior.


Wheee. Yay for the Fremoth. Even if they are weird. ::grins::

Raeglythan girls straddle chairs, cross their legs so that their skirts get hiked up in the extreme, kick their feet up on desks and tables, and generally just sit the way nice girls aren't supposed to. ;)

April 2004

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