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likeatattoo in ellara


Okay, so I just read the exhaustive glossary to Regina Perditorum and then it says that I should read the Summons first, but there isn't one! And it says I have to read it before this or I'll be hopelessly lost. Which isn't hard for me. Also: could someone please explain the rest of the Cousin's stories? I've only read about Cassandra, Andromenda, Erik, Jamen, Christine and Meg. The other two, Ardeth and Sarah, I've heard nothing about. Is there anything written about them? Also, I'm interested in the Cousin's other lives--if you have any links on your livejournals or don't mind telling me about them here, I would love to hear them! And be as thorough as you can, because I like to hear things in their entirety. And one more thing--my friend is letting me read her Mists of Avalon! Huzzah.



fun with hyperlinks...

I'll let Christine take care of Sarah, Ardeth, and The Summons...

Cass and Jamen stories, however, are rather my territory. ::grins:: This site has a complete list of the lives, with summaries on a few. The site's still rather a work in progress. A few of the stories are on my ffn and fpc accounts: Cassadraine, Abelyn, a look at Cassandra of Troy, but not her full story yet, and Rhisaba. Also, Requiem for a Race includes part of Morgaine's story. My fpc account has a lot of poetry on it that's Ellara-based, some of it set in Aranothyium, some with references to lives.

La, but this is all making me feel rather self-centered. Anyone else care to weigh in and take the attention off of me? ;)

Re: fun with hyperlinks...

For reasons unbeknownst to me, the link to "This site" doesn't actually take you to that site. It's supposed to start http, but for some reason reroutes to ftp, which doesn't work. I don't understand, but at any rate the url -- which does work -- is http://hometown.aol.com/bellealyx.

Computers are annoying.

Re: fun with hyperlinks...

Indeed they are. Thanks for the info. I await the others!
Hmm, Ardeth and Sarah. Well, I'm quite in the process of revising The Summons (because everyone in it went and MELDED when we weren't looking), but I still need some help from Cass for the Melding. ::Looks at Cass and folds arms:: Unless you'd rather I just gloss over you and focus all on me.

Sarah is my little Sister, Life's younger Daughter. She's the youngest of the Cousins, created of pink rose petals, sugar, spice, and everything nice, among other things. (Because you can in fact find Everything Nice in Nature's kitchen.) There isn't a lot written on her, partly because she tends to manifest as indeed my little sister and get overlooked some of the time, and partly because this life seems to be her definitive life, the one they're going to remember her for. Currently, she's Sarah Brightman, perhaps best known for originating Christine in The Phantom of the Opera. (Mama sent her to do that, and I daresay she did a good job. :) )

Ardeth . . . no-one is quite sure about. We're not even really sure Who created him (how many of Them, and which ones). He's sort of vague, quiet, and mysterious, but his two leading attributes in most lives seem to be that he's big and Scottish. He's been Ardeth Brightmoore, Hamish of Braveheart fame, Little John of the Robin Hood legend, and Ardeth Bey of The Mummy (who was not Scottish but that was an exception.)

Both of them turn up often in some form in nearly all of my stories on fanfiction.net (Sarah rather deliberately after The Summons was taken down by the ffn staff for having her in it. They've not caught me since.)

I hope that helps!
My ffn stories, moreover, are here:

::feels intelligent::

Along with a very complicated but possibly helpful Ellaran bio, if you want to know more about me and/or the Cousins.
My ego would not stand for being glossed over! Are you trying to kill me? ::grins, winks::

I think it's almost updated. I'll send it to you when I get a chance.
Yay! Thank you. Now I've just got to get my revised list of Selves in order . . . in addition to the pile of melding weaponry.

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