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sphinxy_frolics in ellara

Can anyone suggest any good boks or websites that explains the main concepts of ellara? I would love to learn more about it and then if I have further questions, pose them here.

But, I have a couple of questions I will ask now, because I would like to hear your personal responses. Do any of you feel that you have lived in more than one reality/time period? I am drawn to different worlds and time periods including the fae realm, Middle Earth (the Elves), Greek mythology and Ancient Egypt. Is it possible to have travelled within and between realms?

Also, for you who have discovered who you were specifically during a certain time period, how did that revelation come to you? If you don't mind sharing. I would love to hear your stories.


Well, most of the literature you're going to find is... here. Or on Christine's or my ffn sites, or Christine's or my fpc sites. I especially recommend Regina Perditorum or Waiting for Twilight on Christine's ffn site, or most of my poetry on my fpc site.

Yes, you'll find that most of us have lived in more than one reality, as it were. Particularly those of us who are Cousins, as we tend to show up all over the place.

I've got knowledge, in varying degrees, of 25 of my past lives. It ranges from knowing practically every detail of the life to just knowing I was someplace at a certain time. I have been a maiden of Rohan, a Trojan Princess, an Elizabethan peasant, a French martyr, a French opera singer, a French revolutionary (twice), a barmaid in the Old West, and an Alderaanian noblewoman, among many other things. Some are in this timestream, some are in splintered versions of this timestream, and some are from completely different planes of existence altogether.

It is possible to travel between Realms in one life, but not common. Saera Brightmoore, for example, is a notorious Portal-skipper. It's possible to fall through Portals accidentally -- we're pretty sure that's how Dorothy ended up in Oz, for example. But generally one only ends up in different Realms in different lives.

As for how the revelations come... well, they can come in lots of different ways. Oftentimes it starts with just a draw to a particular era, like you described. It was that way with my Elizabethan peasant life, for example. Other times something triggers it -- reading a book, hearing a piece of music, sometimes as little as a single image will cause a memory flood -- my French revolutionary lives and the Old West life are examples of that in my own history. And sometimes it's sort of a, well, for lack of a better term, divine inspiration, where something entirely other than ourselves reveals it to us -- my Middle-Earth life was like that.

As for hearing the stories... ::grins:: Well, that could take a while. If you keep watch over this community or our personal journals, a few of us post stories as we set them down. Or they're on our ffn/fpc accounts.
Oooh thank you for those links. I will be having a look at them.

It sounds like you have had a very diverse and exciting variety of lives. I notice though that they are all female. Whilst I also feel that any past life I have lived in I have been female, I'm curious to know whether people can switch genders? What about races? Is that possible too?

I know that's a lot of questions but I am really finding learning about this so fulfilling. It gels very much with ideas and feelings I have had most of my life.
It is very possible to be different races -- the race is only part of the body, so that's not really very important. As for genders, I believe that souls are inherently male or female. It's a balance issue, and a soulmate issue. Things would get very sticky and very confusing if people were switching genders all the time. It may seem that gender, like race, is only part of the body, and no doubt a lot of Hindus and Buddhists would argue this point with me, but to me it seems a much more intrinsic part of the soul. Now, that doesn't mean it isn't possible to switch genders, in body at least, but I think it rather happens by mistake -- for example, I've got a friend this life, Carter, who is transgender. He's a male soul in a female body.

I'm so glad you're asking questions! I'll try to get some of the others ( ::throws things at Christine and Meg in particular:: ) to answer these, too, as they've each got a slightly different take on it all than I have. Cheers!
That's great, and confirms what I believed myself. I am utterly feminine and could never imagine having been male in a past life.
See, my possible lives are at present only two (the other two possibilities being nothing more than shadows creeping around my mind), and they're only *possible.* They're not *definite*, but I have a rough idea that I had something to do with them.

Both of them were fantasy: Dorothy of Oz and Renée (whom you wouldn't recognise; I thought her up, mostly, and have found links in her life to mine and Dorothy's). I think I sense a sort of connection to them. As if I'm drawn to them. I've loved Oz for as long as I can remember, and my thoughts often stray to Renée's story.

Renée's time period is really undetermined -- her world is futuristic, but still holds some traditionally old styles and beliefs. Dorothy's (in America) is the early 1900s, and in Oz, it doesn't matter. Time is of no matter in Oz.

The other two are free-game. Go figure.

So... that's really a wee ramble for you.

Cass, Christine, any input? *meekly hopeful*
Dorothy of Oz....I have loved the books and the movie and caroons ever since I could remember. How do you identify with her? As how she was in the movie/books or your own unique memory?
Mostly a mix of the books/movies, with a dash of my own unique memory. Personally I think that the books were more correct than the movie, so I often side with Dorothy's personality and accent in that. As to Dorothy's looks/age, I don't think she's very much more than ten or eleven. IM me anytime at MlleRedDeath. :)

April 2004

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